OF Mobile Node

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What is this?

This project aims to implement a flow mobility on the end nodes through OpenFlow tools. To accomplish that OpenFlow agents Open vSwitch (OvS) and POX were used to perform the flow mobility.

What does it do?

This project provides the configuration of an OvS and POX that allows to perform a OpenFlow control path all the way to a terminal mobile user, and accomplish a handover request through OpenFlow control messages.

What differences can be found regarding other flow mobility implementations?

This project aims a SDN extension to end nodes towards heterogeneous wireless mobility, implying a new hop (terminal user) of the previous flow mobility implementations.

What does this mean?

This implementation aims to provide to the OpenFlow controller the capability to redirect flows of an attached mobile node, when a handover request is triggered.

How can I contribute?

Contact us here

This project was develop by

Flávio Meneses, Daniel Corujo, Carlos Guimarães, Rui Aguiar
and it is maintained by ATNoG.

The project here described was submitted for the scientific publications:

Copyright © 2015 Universidade Aveiro
Copyright © 2015 Instituto de Telecomunicações - Pólo Aveiro