OpenFlow within the Mobile Node

This project has been moved and merged in the 5G Virtual Cloud Mobility (5G-VCoM) project.

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About Us

OpenFlow within the Mobile Node (OFMN) is an open-source project that
implements flow mobility on the end-nodes through OpenFlow-based tools.

Extending SDN to End-Nodes

OFMN aims to implement flow-based mobility on the end-nodes via the OpenFlow protocol. For that, OFMN uses the Open vSwitch (OvS) on the end-nodes (mobile wireless nodes inclusive) and an OpenFlow controller for flow managing.

OFMN does not modify the source code of the OvS. Instead, OFMN exploits specific configurations of the OvS, in order to enable the OpenFlow control path to be extended all the way to mobile user (i.e., MN).

OFMN extends OpenFlow control path (an extra hop - Mobile Nodes - from previous OpenFlow-based mobility implementations), allowing the MN to directly communicate with the OpenFlow controller. The OpenFlow controller is able to redirect specific flows from attached mobile nodes, when a handover request is triggered.


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Mobility Management

The OpenFlow controller keeps the global network view and is able to manage the MN's connectivity.

Traffic Offloading

OpenFlow-based mechanism for multi-RAT and multi-homing MNs without additional mobility protocols.

Technology Independent

Offloading mechanism independent of the network access technology.

Wireless Context

The MN provides its network point of view and assists the network management via OpenFlow.


Under development.



Flavio Meneses


Carlos Guimarães


Daniel Corujo

Project Manager

Rui L. Aguiar

Team Leader