Implementation of Proxy Mobile IPv6

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OPMIP is an Open-Source implementation of the Proxy MIPv6 mobility management protocol. It is fully compliant with IETF's RFC 5213:

  • opmip-mag - implements the Mobile Access Gateway (MAG)
  • opmip-lma - implements the Local Mobility Anchor (LMA)

How do I get started?

Instructions for compiling and installing the software switch can be found in the documentation.


The members of OPMIP team can be found in the here.

External contributors

If you want to contribute code, please try to:

  1. Follow the same coding style as used in the project. Pay attention to the usage of tabs, spaces, newlines and brackets. Try to copy the aesthetics the best you can.
  2. Write good commit messages, explain what your patch does, and why it is needed.
  3. Keep it simple: Any patch that changes a lot of code or is difficult to understand should be discussed before you put in the effort.
  4. Make sure it works! :)

Once you have tried the above, tou can create a GitHub pull request to notify us of your changes.

Ordered by date of the first contribution:

You can be our first external contributor :)

Support or Contact

Having trouble with OPMIP? Check out the documentation or contact us by using our mailing lists and we’ll help you sort it out.

The documentation is available in HTML format, see index.html.