An Open Source Multi-Platform Implementation of the IEEE 802.21 Protocol

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What is this?

ODTONE stands for Open Dot Twenty ONE and is an Open Source implementation of the Media Independent Handover framework from the IEEE 802.21 Media Independent Handover Services standard, using C++ APIs.

Which platforms is ODTONE running in?

Windows, Linux, Android and OpenWrt

What does it do?

ODTONE supplies the implementation of a MIHF, supporting its inherent services (Media Independent Event Service (MIES), Media Independent Command Service (MIIS) and Media Independent Command Service (MICS), as well as supporting mechanisms (Capability Discovery, MIHF Registration, Event Registration, etc.). It also provides a set of APIs to enable ODTONE users to implement their own MIH-Users and LINK_SAP and interface with ODTONE's MIHF.

What does this mean?

ODTONE's implementation aims to provide a MIHF that will work as a base for user's scenarios, and which will enable the users to implement their own MIH_SAP and MIH_LINK_SAP. ODTONE will provide a simple and flexible interface for the development of these SAPs, handling MIH Protocol messages and state transitions.

What differences can be found regarding other IEEE 802.21 implementations?

ODTONE aims to implement a MIHF that is capable of being deployed in multiple operating systems. In a first stage, it will support GNU/Linux, followed by Microsoft NT-based operating systems and others. This means this implementation will be decoupled of highly dependent operating system mechanisms.

How can I contribute?

As was previously mentioned, ODTONE will focus on the MIHF and API's that will enable users to implement their own MIH_SAP and MIH_LINK_SAP. This means that it will be entirely up to the user to implement their MIH_USER and LINK technology support. We would be more than happy to known about your work on these matters!

How can I submit a bug report?

You can use Github platform for submit bug reports. However, before submitting a bug report, please have a look at the bug list and the FAQ to see if it has not already been reported.

I have a patch that I would like to submit. What should I do?

First make sure that your patch follows these rules:

  1. Patches must be formatted with "git format-patch".
  2. No trailing white spaces.
  3. Keep the code style consistent.
  4. Use tabs and no spaces, except for alignment where you should use spaces instead. Tab width is 4.
After that you can send it to one of the team developers or to the mailing lists.

How can I ask a question?

You can ask your question in the mailing lists. This is the quickest way to be answered.

Where can I found more information about ODTONE?

Visit ATNOG homepage