An Open Source Multi-Platform Implementation of the IEEE 802.21 Protocol

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MIH Sensor SAP

Wireless Sensor Networks are an important and exciting research area: using automated sensing mechanisms can help in many situations ranging from health, security, leisure and others. However, there is a great number of different sensor makers with their different specific mechanisms and parameters.

Instituto de Telecomunicacoes, Aveiro, Portugal, have developed a MIH Sensor SAP having as base our ODTONE 802.21 implementation. This MIH Sensor SAP provides abstraction mechanisms towards all sensor technologies, facilitating Wireless Sensor Network operations and adding new sensing events and parameters which can further even more an optimized handover decision in mobility-supporting networks.

Released on ODTONE 0.4

EMICOM (Enhanced Media Independent Connection Manager)

With the increasing amount of mobile interfaces combining different kinds of access technologies, ranging from Wi-Fi to 3G and LTE, the integration of flexible and media- independent link control mechanisms becomes of paramount importance. By employing an abstract way of obtaining access link status information and exercising control over the network interface operations, these control mechanisms become able to optimize device connectivity and network attachment. This paper presents EMICOM, an Enhanced Media Independent COnnection Manager framework where a GNU/Linux Network Manager and Link Service Access Points for the IEEE 802.3 and 802.11 technologies were implemented and integrated through cross-layer Media Independent Handover (MIH) mechanisms from the IEEE 802.21 standard. Through an open-source implementation of the framework, the (MIH) command set capabilities are extended, allowing the support of network association and authentication, as well as Layer 3 services such as IP configuration, providing a generic solution for optimal network connectivity management.

Project code at Github.