An Open Source Multi-Platform Implementation of the IEEE 802.21 Protocol

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The project

ODTONE is an open source implementation of the Media Independent Handover framework from the IEEE 802.21 Media Independent Handover Services standard, providing a complete implementation of the IEEE 802.21 mechanisms required to deploy and operate an MIH framework. In addition, it provides an infrastructure that facilitates the interface with different link technologies, as well as to ease its extension with new mechanisms and integration opportunities. Besides the implementation of the IEEE 802.21 mechanisms, ODTONE aims to implement a MIHF that is capable of being deployed in multiple operating systems. The OS independence is achieved by using the Boost libraries, which allow the network work-level operations and the definition of datatypes that are system-independent.

In the release we provide not only the MIHF but also several Link SAPs and MIH-Users. More info can be found here.

How do I get started?

Instructions for compiling and installing the software switch can be found in the documentation.

If you want to get a fast hands on, try the pre-built packages, which includes the MIHF, several Link SAPs and MIH-Users.


The list of authors can be found in the members section.

External contributors

If you want to contribute code, please try to:

  1. Follow the same coding style as used in the project. Pay attention to the usage of tabs, spaces, newlines and brackets. Try to copy the aesthetics the best you can.
  2. Write good commit messages, explain what your patch does, and why it is needed.
  3. Keep it simple: Any patch that changes a lot of code or is difficult to understand should be discussed before you put in the effort.
  4. Once you have tried the above, create a GitHub pull request to notify us of your changes.

Ordered by date of the first contribution:

Support or Contact

Having trouble with ODTONE? Check out the documentation or contact us by using our mailing lists and we’ll help you sort it out.